What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is an amount of money that you have to pay the court to secure the release of an individual who has been arrested and is due to appear in court for a case. The amount is set by a judge and depends on many factors. These include

Severity of the Crime

The severity of the crime that someone has committed plays a big part in the amount that is set as bail. If the crime is serious then it is even possible that one may not get bail. However, in the case that bail is set then it will be a lot of money. For smaller or pettier crimes, the bail is set low and sometimes the judge even releases the offender of their own cognizance. The amount is also regulated by the law in accordance to the crime that was committed. It is not a random value that the judge picks.


Repeat Offender

If you are a repeat offender, then you are likely to have a higher bail set than a first time offender. A repeat offender is considered more likely to escape or refuse to show up for their court date.

Ties to Society

Some people have friends and family in the area. Their likelihood of fleeing is much lower than the likelihood that someone who neither has many friends or family will flee. In addition to this, some people have strong ties to society through some initiatives or even because of a steady job. They are also less likely to flee. The bail for those with no ties is often much higher than for those with ties to account for the risk factor. Some bail bonds Columbus Ohio companies look for two people with steady jobs to sign the bail.l


Means to Make a Run for It

The ability for one to flee based on their financial situation is also taken into consideration. If you do not have a lot of money or resources to make a run for it, your bail will be set lower than for someone who has vast wealth and the means to run and start a whole other life elsewhere without breaking a sweat.

What Happens After the Amount is Set?

The next step is to post bail. You can either pay cash to the court to have whoever it is you are bailing out released. If you do not have the cash at hand then you can use a bail agent. This option is also available for those who aren’t in the same area as the person who has been arrested. A bail agent will require you to pay a fee. Once the paperwork is done then the agent posts bail for the offender and has them released.


Bailing someone out of jail is not an ideal situation. However, it is important to know what bail is, how you post it and the implications in case the offender does not adhere to the stipulated rules. This information will help to prepare you if ever you have to bail anyone out of jail.

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