What Do I Do When I Accidently Slip and Fall at Home?

A personal injury attorney is a professional who offers legal representation to people who claim to have been hurt, either physically or mentally, as the result of the negligence of somebody else, a business, government agency or some other entity. In general, personal injury attorneys handle personal injury litigation, including negligence claims, product liability claims, and medical malpractice claims. Personal injury attorneys are also referred to as injury law attorneys. Most personal injury cases are settled out of court. When an agreement can’t be reached, or when a case doesn’t end up being very serious, a personal injury attorney may choose to file a claim in Small Claims Court. Personal injury attorneys do most of their legal work on a contingency basis, meaning that they don’t charge you anything until they have won your lawsuit.
One of the main reasons people file a personal injury attorney’s lawsuit is because they feel they have been wronged by another party or corporation. For example, a doctor who treats patients with antibiotics that kill off the good bacteria in their body can be held liable for causing infections in their clients if he or she did not perform the necessary safety precautions. Likewise, if you are working in an employment setting where you are repeatedly exposed to dangerous conditions, you can bring suit against the employer for negligent hiring practices. If you are hit by a motor vehicle that was operating unsafely and you are injured, you may be able to recover large medical bills and even damages to your reputation.
People who suffer from injuries caused by another person’s, organization’s or government’s negligence can also use a personal injury attorney to pursue their claims. An example might be if you are injured at work and you are told by your employer to wait a few days to see how your injury would heal. Even though the doctor told you it would probably heal on its own, the doctor failed to supply you with the appropriate medical care until the day after your injury occurred. This could potentially land you a substantial compensation claim.
Personal injuries often occur during a traumatic accident. If a pedestrian is hit by a tractor trailer and severely injured, they may have a case against the tractor trailer owner for long-term medical care. Another example might be if you are walking along when a drunk driver swerves into your path and slams into your head. The impact with the head could cause severe injuries that will take a long time to heal. You and your personal injury attorney may argue that since you were not wearing a seat belt when the accident occurred, you were as responsible for the accident as the drunk driver. This could mean a long-term medical care crisis for you and a substantially higher compensation settlement.
Personal injuries also arise in the workplace. For example, if you slip on a wet floor because the workplace is too damp, your employer is liable for failing to provide you with safe equipment to keep you safe. If you are injured due to being exposed to harmful chemicals in a chemical factory, your employer is responsible for protecting you from exposure to dangerous waste products. Many people are injured each year from falling objects in the workplace such as hot metal and machinery parts or painting supplies. Your personal injury attorney will work hard on your behalf to get the claim compensation that you are entitled to in this type of case.
Most of us do not think about our home regularly when we slip and fall. However, the home is a special place where accidents can happen. For example, if you are working in your garage and slip and fall on a concrete ledge below the house, your personal injury attorney will attempt to recover any medical expenses you incur for your injuries. You may also be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Often, personal injury claim compensation is much more than you might anticipate just because it’s so easy to forget about your home, but make sure that you are aware of the risks you face in the home, and that you follow all of the safety precautions you should to prevent injury in any circumstance.

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