Signs That She Is Going Through Abuse

There is no foolproof way of knowing whether someone is going through domestic abuse unless she is covered in bruises. Most of the time, you will find that there are subtle signs to indicate that this might be happening. Even when it seems rather obvious, it is still difficult to come out and ask blatantly whether someone is suffering from domestic abuse. However, there are a few signs that could point to this. These include:

Has Developed Low Self Esteem

You might find that a lady who was lively and talkative now becomes withdrawn. Even if she still engages in some activities, you will find that she is always second-guessing her decisions. To make it even more obvious, she second-guesses almost everything when she is with her partner. It might appear that she constantly aims to please him, whether or not his opinion is the right one. She could even be asking about obvious things and upon a contrary response from her partner, she withdraws her opinion or decision.

Always Receives Calls from the Partner When Out

Whenever you and your friends are out, she will always be receiving calls from the partner. Most couples call or text to check in with each other. This should not be misconstrued. The calls that she gets from her partner will appear serious. Often, her disposition will change. She might look worried or like someone who is being scolded. When this happens often, then it is a cause for concern.

Cuts Short Calls Once the Partner Is In the Room

If you notice that your friend changes her style of talking whenever her partner enters the room, then an alarm bell ought to go off. This is even worse if she cuts short phone calls just because she and the partner are in the same room.

Children React When They Hear Partner Mentioned

If your friend has children, you might notice that they flinch or have some peculiar reaction that indicates fear when they hear the partner mentioned. This could mean that they have witnessed the abuse or even been on the receiving end of it.

Separate From Family and Friends

Abusers aim to separate their victims from community and people that they know. If your friend starts withdrawing from the family and even friends, it is a cause for concern. If she rarely takes part in family activities or shows up to social gatherings with no concrete reason or using lies as excuses, you ought to be worried about her.


If you notice some, most or even all of the above, it is important to reach out to your friend. Find a way to broach the topic without sounding like you are accusing her of withholding information or accusing the partner of mistreating her. Also, do not expect a straightforward answer even though it might seem pretty obvious. Instead, keep offering your support until she comes around and opens up about the domestic abuse.

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