How Do I Pay a Bail Bond?

If you are asking this question, it is possible that you have to bail someone out but do not know the proper procedure. Since you have already decided to bail the person out after considering all factors, you have two options: to pay the bail bondsman cash or to hire a bail agent.

Paying Cash

This is straightforward. All you have to do is go to the bail bondsman and pay the amount that was stipulated by the judge. After this, you have to fill and submit some paperwork before the offender is released. You can also pay remotely and fill the paperwork in soft copy if you are not in the same area where the offender was arrested and is being held.

Hiring a bail agent

This is an option when you do not have cash but have property or other possessions such as a car to put up as collateral. For this, you pay the agent a premium for them to handle everything on your behalf. They go to the jail and post bail, fill the paperwork and have the offender released. In order for a bail agent to do this successfully, they have to have:

  • The offender’s full name
  • The offender’s booking number
  • The state, are and name of the place where the offender was arrested and the jail that they are being held in
  • The amount of bail

The only information that you have to provide to the bail agent is the name of the jail and the full name of the offender. After this, the agent can make a phone call to find out the offender’s booking number and the amount of bail set for their release.

Failure to Show Up for Court Dates

You need to know some other important information before you post that bail. One is that you do not get a refund on the premium you pay the bail agent. That serves s their fee for the services they render. The other thing is that, if the offender does not appear at court, the collateral or money you posted as bail is lost. You therefore have to know the offender well enough and trust them enough to pay their bail. Otherwise, you might be out of a lot of money with nothing to show for it. A  Tree Service Columbus – tree removal company owner failed to show up at court and had to pay a hefty fine.


Instead of waiting to get a call to bail out your friend or family member to find out what the bail process entails, it is advisable to get the information beforehand. You may never have to use it and that is fine. But if you find that you are in such a situation without the proper information, it could lead to making a wrong choice or decision.

This information might also come in handy if you find yourself on the other end of the law where you have been arrested and need to walk the person who comes to bail you out through the process. Experience Columbus is  a great place to learn more about Columbus Ohio.

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is an amount of money that you have to pay the court to secure the release of an individual who has been arrested and is due to appear in court for a case. The amount is set by a judge and depends on many factors. These include

Severity of the Crime

The severity of the crime that someone has committed plays a big part in the amount that is set as bail. If the crime is serious then it is even possible that one may not get bail. However, in the case that bail is set then it will be a lot of money. For smaller or pettier crimes, the bail is set low and sometimes the judge even releases the offender of their own cognizance. The amount is also regulated by the law in accordance to the crime that was committed. It is not a random value that the judge picks.


Repeat Offender

If you are a repeat offender, then you are likely to have a higher bail set than a first time offender. A repeat offender is considered more likely to escape or refuse to show up for their court date.

Ties to Society

Some people have friends and family in the area. Their likelihood of fleeing is much lower than the likelihood that someone who neither has many friends or family will flee. In addition to this, some people have strong ties to society through some initiatives or even because of a steady job. They are also less likely to flee. The bail for those with no ties is often much higher than for those with ties to account for the risk factor. Some bail bonds Columbus Ohio companies look for two people with steady jobs to sign the bail.l


Means to Make a Run for It

The ability for one to flee based on their financial situation is also taken into consideration. If you do not have a lot of money or resources to make a run for it, your bail will be set lower than for someone who has vast wealth and the means to run and start a whole other life elsewhere without breaking a sweat.

What Happens After the Amount is Set?

The next step is to post bail. You can either pay cash to the court to have whoever it is you are bailing out released. If you do not have the cash at hand then you can use a bail agent. This option is also available for those who aren’t in the same area as the person who has been arrested. A bail agent will require you to pay a fee. Once the paperwork is done then the agent posts bail for the offender and has them released.


Bailing someone out of jail is not an ideal situation. However, it is important to know what bail is, how you post it and the implications in case the offender does not adhere to the stipulated rules. This information will help to prepare you if ever you have to bail anyone out of jail.

Signs That She Is Going Through Abuse

There is no foolproof way of knowing whether someone is going through domestic abuse unless she is covered in bruises. Most of the time, you will find that there are subtle signs to indicate that this might be happening. Even when it seems rather obvious, it is still difficult to come out and ask blatantly whether someone is suffering from domestic abuse. However, there are a few signs that could point to this. These include:

Has Developed Low Self Esteem

You might find that a lady who was lively and talkative now becomes withdrawn. Even if she still engages in some activities, you will find that she is always second-guessing her decisions. To make it even more obvious, she second-guesses almost everything when she is with her partner. It might appear that she constantly aims to please him, whether or not his opinion is the right one. She could even be asking about obvious things and upon a contrary response from her partner, she withdraws her opinion or decision.

Always Receives Calls from the Partner When Out

Whenever you and your friends are out, she will always be receiving calls from the partner. Most couples call or text to check in with each other. This should not be misconstrued. The calls that she gets from her partner will appear serious. Often, her disposition will change. She might look worried or like someone who is being scolded. When this happens often, then it is a cause for concern.

Cuts Short Calls Once the Partner Is In the Room

If you notice that your friend changes her style of talking whenever her partner enters the room, then an alarm bell ought to go off. This is even worse if she cuts short phone calls just because she and the partner are in the same room.

Children React When They Hear Partner Mentioned

If your friend has children, you might notice that they flinch or have some peculiar reaction that indicates fear when they hear the partner mentioned. This could mean that they have witnessed the abuse or even been on the receiving end of it.

Separate From Family and Friends

Abusers aim to separate their victims from community and people that they know. If your friend starts withdrawing from the family and even friends, it is a cause for concern. If she rarely takes part in family activities or shows up to social gatherings with no concrete reason or using lies as excuses, you ought to be worried about her.


If you notice some, most or even all of the above, it is important to reach out to your friend. Find a way to broach the topic without sounding like you are accusing her of withholding information or accusing the partner of mistreating her. Also, do not expect a straightforward answer even though it might seem pretty obvious. Instead, keep offering your support until she comes around and opens up about the domestic abuse.